Sub-chapter M

Sub-chapter M
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Be prepared for Subchapter M.

Do you know which compliance option works best for your operation?

Coast Guard? Third Party? Discussing the pros & cons may surprise you.

Let us help you make those tough decisions by analyzing risk, regulatory gaps, and cost effectiveness of the varied options.

  • Health & Safety: Regardless of how you comply, MCS is ready to deliver a tailored and realistic Health and Safety Plan which is required under both options.​

  • TVR: Towing Vessel Records are complex and labor intensive. MCS has developed a simple method to capture all required records without spending thousands of dollars on record keeping software. Ideal for small operators.

  • Waivers, Exemptions, Special Considerations: Not all boats are created equal! MCS has a strong record of obtaining regulatory alternatives to suit individual needs. 

  • Gap Analysis: MCS routinely conducts pre-compliance surveys to identify gaps before they become mandated requirements under either Third Party or Coast Guard inspection.

  • Towing Safety Management Plans: Selecting a Management System option? Let MCS relieve the strain of creating a detailed TSMS by leveraging years of professional planning and ISM experience.

  • TSMS Audits: Under a TSMS option, the Management System must be audited annually by a person independent of the procedures being audited. MCS can deliver fair and meaningful audit services. MCS now also offers full RCP and TSMS auditing.

  • TSMS Surveys: MCS is certified to complete internal and external vessel surveys including internal structural and dry-dock surveys. 


                           MCS leadership serves as a board member of the Towing Vessel                             Inspection Bureau and is certified to complete internal and                                     external surveys as well as internal and external tug audits. 

                           MCS is trained and qualified to conduct Responsible Carrier

                           Program audits for American Waterways Operators members.