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Brian J. Downey Jr.
Founder and Principal

Good safety is good business!


Marine Compliance Solutions leverages over three decades of maritime safety and environmental experience. Marine Compliance Solutions' principal, Brian Downey, served over 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. In his last post as a Deputy Sector Commander, Brian oversaw all Coast Guard Operations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Northeastern New York.

His previous assignments include marine inspection and investigation field work in San Francisco. He also served as a marine inspector in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where he supported U.S. shipping regulatory compliance throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His duties later brought him to Boston as a Department Head where he served in both the vessel inspections as well as port operations departments and directly responded to several oil spills up to 60,000 gallons. He further supported Sail Boston planning and execution, and a precedent setting 9/11 maritime security response. He additionally served on the First Coast Guard District staff in Boston and contributed to a High Capacity Passenger Vessel response policy and helped develop a regional voluntary towing vessel safety examination program. While serving at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC, he created policy to implement international clean air standards (MARPOL) aboard ships in addition to tanker safety and shipboard environmental protection guidance. He also revised the Coast Guard's Alternative Compliance Program for shipboard inspections. As a responder, Brian was deployed to support both Hurricane Katrina recovery as well as the Deepwater Horizon response.

After the Coast Guard, Brian served as the Director of Marine Safety & Environment for a major international shipping company. His duties required analysis of safety incidents and enhancing the company's safety and environmental strategies. In his role, Brian bolstered a consistent safety culture across five divisions around the globe with bases in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Great Lakes.

How MCS, LLC can help...


Drawing from regulatory as well as corporate experience with large and small companies, Brian understands the balance of safety and operational goals and provides cost effective outsourcing value.


​Through his balanced career, he understands that companies with strong safety programs tend to be strong operationally.

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