Leverage MCS to solve your regulatory challenge. MCS specializes in high visibility short fused projects that require attention to detail. MCS saves clients time, money, and stress.

MCS has proudly supported clients with:

Towing Safety Management System -

Created and shepherded to approval a complete TSMS with record keeping.  Obtained the First Towing Vessel COI in the Northeast.


MARPOL Exemptions -

Negotiated first of its kind exemption with Canada, Bahamas and U.S. agencies.

Facility Security Assessments & Planning -

Consolidated multi-location facility security system saving time and money.

Multi-port (international) Facility Security Plans -

Partnered with multiple agencies in Canada & U.S. Met condensed time-line for critical seasonal start.

Congressional Testimony -

Raised visibility of Emission Control Area impacts with House Sub-Committee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation hearing testimony.

Site Safety and Evacucation Plans -

Partnered with local fire departments and emergency responders. Assured compliance with local codes.

Vessel Machinery Test Procedures -

Teamed with local Coast Guard inspectors and secured Marine Safety Center approvals. Satisfied outstanding Coast Guard deficiencies.

State Pilotage Law -

Collaborated with legislative staffs to revise state law to relieve yachts of unrealistic pilotage requirements.

State Pilotage Regulations -

Revised regualtions to align pilot training requirements to require ECDIS training.

and more....